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Let me ask you a question. Are you finally ready to Learn AND Implement tested and proven strategies that average, every day people are using to generate a full time income online? If you are willing to put in some effort using the easy, yet ignored principles of Local Search Marketing then you have just hit the Jack Pot!" You're about to discover the most complete resource for generating online profits using Local Search ever created. It might seem like there's a lot of stuff inside this program, but I wanted to make sure it's packed to the gills with money making information that you won't find anywhere else.

Why Local Search?

The internet is getting smaller.Local Search is far easier and quicker

Now, this isn't the same old course telling you to go build websites for plumbers, and chiropractors. We don't compete with that bunch. After learning the simple, yet powerful concepts in Offline X Factor

You Will Be AR30;
"Local Internet Marketing Expert"

The fact is, just by being a student of IM, you know more about marketing online than 90% of local business owners.

I know because I've been doing it for years.

I know because I have "private" and privileged students who have been doing it too!

If you want answers, I've got answers... I've got the nuts-and-bolts answers you've been dying to find. I have them... I have the success and proven success to back up everything I'm telling you.

And I can teach you how to do this too.

All You Need To Do Is Follow-Along... Follow Directions...
And Implement What I'm Showing You, That's it!

"In The Land Of The Blind,
The One Eyed Man Is King"

Getting local business owners found online is one of the most untapped niches for internet markets yet it's only ONE OF MANY strategies for generating income using Local Search!

It's Not About Cold Calling Businesses

UhhR30;I just about gagged writing that. I don't cold call and I don't suggest you do either. This is about working with business owners that want to work with you. This is about being in demand and choosing who you work with.

In fact, I'm going to show you how to use these strategies to generate profits without every having to talk to a business owner at all if you don't want to!

It's your choice.

Internet Marketing For Small Businesses - Making Small Businesses FindableR30; Fast. We are in the perfect storm. It's no longer a question as to IF they need to be online. It's a question of HOW the get online. You, my freind, are the answer.

Local Cash Method - Driving Local Consumers To CPA, Affiliate and Adsense Offers. Think dealing with small businesses is not for you? Use Local Search to generate income from tradional Internet Marketing sources.

Online Landlording - Flipping and Leasing Sites to Local Businesses. Shoot the arrow, then paint the bullseye around it. With this strategy, you create very simple lead generation sites for local niches. Once the site is taking in leads you simply offer to "Lease" it to a business owner in that niche.

Local Affilate Program - Big Refferal Fees For Driving Customers To Local Businesses

Pay Per Call - Cash For Making The Phone Ring With Local Consumers

This Isn't ALL About Building Websites

Although it helps, and I'm even going to give you a website along with drag and drop tools and templates for you to use yourself. But you don't have to be a programmer to do this. You don't even have to know a lick of html.

You can generate cash just providing Internet Marketing services that require no technical ability at all. But if you want to put in the effort you are going to be shocked at the ways you can make money with very SIMPLE skills, that I am going to show you.

"What If I Gave You A Golden Ticket?"

Whoa there, let's say you found a great niche for helping exotic hamster breeders market their services on the internet. You know as much money as you can make doing it for them, you can reach far more prospects in far less time and make a lot more money by creating a product showing them how to do it themselvesR30; Right?

Well I'm going to give you a pass to steal my strategies to create your own product for specific niche markets. In fact I'm even going to show you how to put it together!

For Serious Minded People Only
Can You Handle The Truth?

For years you've been told of products that claim "Anyone Can Do It". Well the sad fact is anyone can't do it. Only those that actually put in the effort can do it. And it's not hard work, but it does require you to participate.

Offline X Factor is not a MAGIC PILL! You will not push a button and have money fall out of the sky.

"Jack, I wanted to thank you for Offline X Factor. I have started to build a solid client base very easily. After years of struggling trying to make a buck online..

R30;my husband and I are looking forward to leaving our jobs and working our local internet marketing biz in a few months".

Amber Chisholm

"Over the last 6 months or so, I've become somewhat of an offline course junkie looking for new and improved methods to what I'm already doing.

This is perhaps one of the very best offline consulting courses that I've experienced (including several $1,000+ courses)"!

Alex Navas

"This is an outstanding product that shows you how to give local business owners exactly what they need..and want. Well done.

You have managed to kid simplify the process of offering such a valuable service to local business owners with step by step info on how to administer the campaigns.

Folks, this is vastly different from run of the mill offline marketing stuff. Simple works and is the only language your offline business owner really understands. This product gets to the core of that and makes this approach accessible to anyone willing to put in the effort".

Christopher Griffin

"Golden stuff gentlemenR30;I have worked my local market and successfully I might addR30;but this just made it a TON simpler.

Offline X Factor is by far the most valuable membership I've joined in awhile. I am a very seasoned offline IM consultantR30; and the material here contains golden nuggets that anyone can use to get started and / or ramp up this growing trend."

Joseph Ratliff

"After watching the first video, all I can say is "WOW!"

Even after consulting with brick and mortar businesses as long as I have, I still learned something very valuableR30; how to ________ your potential clients. Something so simple, and yet it never crossed my mind to do it!

Just this one gem of information was worth the price. I'm looking forward to picking up similar gems in the other videos that I can immediately apply to streamline my business and make it even MORE profitable.

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