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We are bringing you highly vetted businesses and performing sophisticated due diligence. Our platform gives normal individuals direct access to investment opportunities that they would never have otherwise, and we make investing easier than ever before. With our system you can invest an amount you choose, at your own valuation, and at no cost.

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Auction Platform

By creating an open market, our auction platform works to ensure transparency, efficiency, and access for investors to invest smart. No more guessing or wondering what other investors are thinking - see it happen in real time. Enter deals at your own price with better information.

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We've changed the way you raise money. Focus on growing your company instead of spending your valuable time fundraising. We can help with offering documents, sourcing investors, and transacting. Best of all, with our unique system you can potentially raise more money and give away less of your business.

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What MassCatalyst Is All About

We are making investing in alternative assets - startups, real estate, oil & gas, and more - easier than ever. Our experienced team sources exciting deals; makes due diligence a shorter, less tedious process; reduces legal fees and the cost of transacting; and increases transparency to ultimately lead to higher returns.

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